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Mon May 13 16:31:11 EDT 2002

>>My insurance company has requested I contact a dealer to determine the
>>value of my avant, the local dealer here (Sunset Porsche Audi) doesn't
>>want any part of trying to establish the value of a car they wouldn't
>>even want to put on their lot. Anybody got any advice???

Almost forgot.  Tell the d-bags at ol' Sunset Porsche Audi to get
firmly bent.  What the Sam Hill is wrong with them?  Too bizzy to help
you?  It's not like they're on the hook for anything. If I were you
I'd march right over there next time you've spent the day churning
your compost heap and sit your smelly north western hard workin' butt
right down in one o' them nice cushy nine one one's and lick the guy's
neck tie when he bends over and asks if he can help you.  Don't forget
to have a big ol' plate o' Boston Baked and sharp cheese before you go.

What the F---, Over?

Royal aka 20RoT

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