Just a few Problems & questions........

Tom Daily TDaily at genlyte.com
Tue May 14 08:37:30 EDT 2002

Hi Fans:

I read your posts & am constantly
amazed at the breadth & depth of knowledge
about these great cars. Mine is Bamboo with 79K,
purchased from the list about a year ago. Had 59K
when I bought it--use it as a winter driver, I have a 928
for the summer. BTW, my commute is 96 mi daily.
TA Stage III (an excellent investment), Moda
R4's & Michelin Pilot Sport All-Seasons 17x235x45.
 Need some advice on the next steps:
I am going to convert the UFO's: I see 3 alts:
Bira has just released their System; 3B has a
Brembo conversion & there is a Wildwood
conversion available. Any experience with these?
I want to change springs/shocks--thinking H&R/Koni.
Any advice on this or alts?
My ABS activates (one or 2 pulses) when
braking, just when the car is almost stopped.
After a few of these, the ABS shuts itself off.
What's up with that?
It's gotten a little loose in the front end, I'll
check everything, but what's the likely
culprit? Rack? Bushings?
I want to change the exhaust: alts
seem to be Stebro(CAN), Scorpion(UK), B&N (Gmbh)
Any thoughts? I hear the B&N is good.

Many thanks,

Tom Daily
Brookline, MA

'91 200TQ 20V
'90 V8 Quattro
'86 928S3
(Shopping for a UrQ)

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