Steering and Fluid Levels

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Tue May 14 12:53:13 EDT 2002

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>>  I am surprised because I would assume that the system should
>>  function normally at any fluid level between min & max. It's surprising
>>  that 2 to 3
>>  inches of fluid in the reservoir would make such a profound difference in
>  > functionality.
>  >

You say "2 to 3 inches of fluid"? That seems to be a lot greater
distance than I recall (for the Max/Min levels).

Anyway, I wonder if you have you checked (or replaced) the brake
pressure accumulator recently? Possibly the sensitivity (i.e., of
groaning) to fluid level might be related to having a dead
accumulator? If the accumulator has lost its gas charge (behind the
rubber diaphragm) it will accommodate more Pentosin while under
pressure, which could draw down the fluid to a much lower level than
you'd expect. Just a thought (WAG?)

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