200q20v digest, Vol 1 #918 - 9 msgs

Joshua C smuckycat at hotmail.com
Tue May 14 13:38:34 EDT 2002

I want to change the exhaust: alts
seem to be Stebro(CAN), Scorpion(UK), B&N (Gmbh)
Any thoughts? I hear the B&N is good.

I have the Stebro on my Audi, it is a nicely built unit, it sounds good in
my opinion but can get to drone on the highway, if you don't mind it isn't
bad, and if your going over 80 it isn't real noticible.  (girlfriend hates
Also if you are going to put it in your self realize that you need
connection hardware that works well, the tubes are larger diameter and my
stock clamps didn't seem to seal also U clamps don't work well either due to
the proximity of the tubes to each other.  I had to file and kind of shape
the clamps to fit.  Someone else who has more knowlege can help out here
with a cleaner solution.  I paid 775 for the cat back unit, you can get it
from blau or Stebro same price.  I have been told I could have saved a lot
by having one made for me.

Falmouth MA
91 200 Avant
73 Alfa GTV

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