Brake Conversion

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Tue May 14 12:18:30 EDT 2002

Dave, you won't be able to convert your 20v's brakes
that easily because of the specific UFO wheel hubs
that are bigger in diameter than the other cars'...
IIRC, the UFO hubs are 144mm in diameter while the
normal ones are only 131 or something like that, so
you won't be able to do the conversion unless you
remove the hubs and have them turned or swap the whole
strut assembly for a 10v 200/late model 5k on which
hubs you'll be able to fit the A8 rotors.
Furthermore, the UFO struts have a different bolt
pattern for the calipers that won't allow you to use
the RS2 caliper brackets... so the 200 10v's struts
are the best option IMHO...
You can also do a cheaper conversion using the RS2
normal calipers (smaller than the big reds) over the
A8's 314x30mmm rotors.... this has been working for 2
1/2 years on a friend's S2 with no problems


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> All,
> I want to ask about the "Big Red" conversion again.
> I am under the
> impression that I can convert my 20v using late A8
> rotors, BR calipers, and
> RS2 adapters.  Is this correct?  Any other parts
> required?  Is this a "good"
> conversion?  Any help would be appreciated.  Oh
> yeah, my car has already been
> converted to G60s... does this make any difference?
> TIA,
> Dave

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