Brake Conversion

TM t44tq at
Tue May 14 15:37:36 EDT 2002

It helps to read Dave's message in full- he already has G60s on his
car, UFO conversions are not the issue.

Also, your info is bad regarding the conversion- you _must_ use either
UrS or late model ('92+) V8 strut bodies to accomplish the conversion,
you will end up having a narrower track than OEM and you will also run
steering knuckle clearance problems if you use 10v type 44 strut bodies.

By using 10v type 44 parts, you will probably also need to replace the
control arms, tie rods and possibly the sway bar mounting brackets. Bad
idea, IMHO.

If you use C4 100 parts, you will still have the narrow track problem as
as having to verify that the single-piston Ate calipers used on the C4
have the same bolt spacing as the UrS G60 setup.


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