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Tue May 14 16:36:50 EDT 2002

What distinguishes the 10vt G60's from the S4 G60's used in dealer
conversions from UFO's?  My 200q20v was brake-eunuched with G60's before it
fell into my hands.

At 02:30 PM 05/14/2002 -0400, TM wrote:

>It definitely makes a big difference in terms of the right info.
>If your car has been converted to G60s, you can pretty much use any
>brake kit that is made for the UrS, including the use of RS2 caliper
>brackets and EuroS8 rotors (not A8), 323x30mm to convert your car to
>"Big Reds."
>You'll need the following parts:
>993tt or 928GTS calipers (x2)
>RS2 brake caliper brackets (x2)
>Brake pad set for above calipers (x1)
>New caliper mounting bolts for bracket to strut body (x4)
>New caliper mounting bolts for caliper to bracket (x4)
>Brake vibration dampeners (x4)
>Euro S8 rotors (323x30mm) (x2)
>You may want to consider using SS brake lines as well.
>Depending on the cost of these parts, you may want to call up Tom at
>Euro-Car and see if his kit if competitive, at $1400.
>Also make sure that you have appropriate wheels for summer and winter
>use, as only some 16" wheels will clear these brakes and that even
>to some 17" and 18" wheels.
>My brake system has less clearance than the "Big Red" conversion- looks
>I'm running 17" wheels year-round, but I had already planned for that.
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