[s-cars] GP for Samco Hoses, Update and Inut needed!

Dan Simoes dans at audifans.com
Tue May 14 17:20:47 EDT 2002

Have you considered getting the 200q20v owners into this deal too?
I assume the hoses are the same?

"James Murray (LMC)" wrote:
> S-Heads,
> Ok, we have a total of 22 people that have responded asking to participate
> in the GP for Samco Silicon Hoses!
> I've never done this before so please bear with me...On to the next step!
> Note: We will be going with Samco for the full set, not SFS since they only
> have one hose available (only one person responded to this) and Samco has
> corrected the length issue so it only makes sense to go with them (cheaper,
> faster, proven, etc.).
> If you are definitely "IN" on this GP for Samco Silicon hoses you NEED to
> answer me back with the following:
> 1) You're full name and address or at least your location for now (for
> shipping, etc.)
> 2) What color do you want???  There are 7 Colors Available: Blue, Red,
> Yellow, Green, Purple, Black, Orange.
> 3) Do you want the chrome rings on the lower crossover pipe to intercooler?
> (Yes or No)
> 4) Confirm which hoses you want (a full kit or specify the exact hose, see
> below to quote the number)
> 5) How do you plan to pay? (Paypal or Check?)
> A few more additional questions...for those that wanted me to poll all of
> you ;-)
> 6) Do we ship all these by Boat or Plane? (boat is cheapest, Plane is
> fastest) or you don't care.
> 7) Do you prefer to pay slightly more and have Samco ship in a box, or are
> you ok with a Big Bag (cheaper). Box or Bag, or don't care?
> 8) Would you be interested in having other hoses manufactured (Yes or No).
> 9) If Yes to above please list the hose you'd like (for example: Radiator
> hoses)
> 10) Interested in SS clamps? (Yes or No) (Samco does not offer these, but
> maybe another member can pull this off for us separately?).
> If there is enough interest to getting "other" hoses manufactured we can ask
> either Samco or SFS to make these and hold a separate GP, let me know if you
> want to host this one! Also here's a link for some clamps
> (http://www.abaofamerica.com/ <http://www.abaofamerica.com/> ) Thanks Bill
> M.
> The final cost... I don't know yet. As I initially mentioned I think it will
> be at least $100 US cheaper than what's on the market but I haven't yet
> factored in all the variables, and I need to look into shipping costs, duty,
> taxes, etc. (can anyone help me here?).
> Here is the list of Samco Hoses and part numbers:
> TB735  Hose from turbo to crossover pipe & TB736  (Spout  for the hose
> below)
> TB653 Hose from crossover pipe to intercooler
> TB652 Hose from intercooler to throttle body
> What I'll do next is compile your input and try to figure out the costs and
> then I'll update all of you !
> Cheers, /James "Hoser" Murray.
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