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At 3:36 PM -0400 5/14/02, Kneale Brownson wrote:
>What distinguishes the 10vt G60's from the S4 G60's used in dealer
>conversions from UFO's?  My 200q20v was brake-eunuched with G60's before it
>fell into my hands.

AFAIK, the only significant difference is in the depth of the hub,
therefor the rotor hat depth you'll need. The S4 hub is slightly
deeper than 10V. Only way I know to tell is remove wheel and measure
hub (housing) depth. It's my understanding that most (all?) UFO-G60
conversions done at dealers under warranty were with S4 struts. There
could be exceptions I suppose. Sorry I can't recall the numbers (mm)


>At 02:30 PM 05/14/2002 -0400, TM wrote:
>>It definitely makes a big difference in terms of the right info.
>>If your car has been converted to G60s, you can pretty much use any
>>brake kit that is made for the UrS, including the use of RS2 caliper
>>brackets and EuroS8 rotors (not A8), 323x30mm to convert your car to
>>"Big Reds."
>>You'll need the following parts:
>>993tt or 928GTS calipers (x2)
>>RS2 brake caliper brackets (x2)
>>Brake pad set for above calipers (x1)
>>New caliper mounting bolts for bracket to strut body (x4)
>>New caliper mounting bolts for caliper to bracket (x4)
>>Brake vibration dampeners (x4)
>>Euro S8 rotors (323x30mm) (x2)
>>You may want to consider using SS brake lines as well.
>>Depending on the cost of these parts, you may want to call up Tom at
>>Euro-Car and see if his kit if competitive, at $1400.
>>Also make sure that you have appropriate wheels for summer and winter
>>use, as only some 16" wheels will clear these brakes and that even
>>to some 17" and 18" wheels.
>>My brake system has less clearance than the "Big Red" conversion- looks
>>I'm running 17" wheels year-round, but I had already planned for that.
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