Brake Conversion

Linus Toy linust at
Tue May 14 18:11:15 EDT 2002

At 02:30 PM 5/14/2002 -0400, TM wrote:
>You'll need the following parts:
>993tt or 928GTS calipers (x2)
>RS2 brake caliper brackets (x2)
>Brake pad set for above calipers (x1)
>New caliper mounting bolts for bracket to strut body (x4)
>New caliper mounting bolts for caliper to bracket (x4)
>Brake vibration dampeners (x4)
>Euro S8 rotors (323x30mm) (x2)

Can anyone confirm if there are differences:  the Euro S8 rotor noted above
is p/n 4D0 615 301F or J.
The US-spec A8L also used a 323x30 rotor, p/n 4D0 615 301A (this is not the
standard US A8 rotor, at 312x25).  As both are 5x112, the only likely
difference, if any, might be hat depth.  Unless Audi somewhere along the
line got smart about rotor venting...which brings up another point:  does
anyone know if either or both of these have the center (near hub) venting
from the inner side (driveshaft) of rotor or outer side (wheel )?

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