pump->bomb hose, reinstall, top half

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Tue May 14 23:14:00 EDT 2002

At 2:36 PM -0700 5/14/02, Arun Rao wrote:
>Just unbolt and move or remove the pump, Brett ... it isn't that big a
>deal to get it back on. All you're likely to waste is some hydraulic
>fluid, and

Well, I went half way on this one.  I dropped the pump enough to give
me some room, and then removed ALL the hoses from it.  That worked...

Everything appears to be back together and not leaking too badly, and
in the morning I'll clean up everything, let it dry, and run the car
to make sure nothing leaks at all.  I was worried that all the
fittings were not clean enough, especially the one for the bomb...but
it seems I kept 'em clean enough.  Time will tell, of course.

>  I bet you have plenty on the garage floor already ...

Yep, but it didn't top the Great Mobil One Flood of '00*.  Note to
readers: oil plug goes back in BEFORE you pour a quart of oil into

Those of you now laughing at me too hard to see straight (or on your
way to the hospital) will miss out on the latest Brett's Wonder Tip.

Special VAG Tool 666, High Pressure Pump to Bomb Line Removal Tool,
can be had from the local dealer for the low, low price of only $236.

This should not be confused with a normal 2-inch long piece of
2x4...this is a special German tool, soaked in the finest synthetic
pentosin, ladies and gentlemen.

Usage is as follows:
-stuff between heat shield for driver's side engine mount and metal
high pressure line
-undo pressure line



*not quite on the same scale as the Boston Great Molasses Flood of
1919(killed 21 people, 12 horses, 1 cat.)
"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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