G60 Brake Interchange

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G60 calipers themselves are all interchangeable.  The hub depth is increased
on the 200tq/v8/S4-6 cars, and some differences in where the flex line
attaches at the caliper (it's to a bracket with a hard line on the later
cars, to the caliper directly on the early cars), and the flex line itself is
a different length.

As of the 91 200/90 v8 the "deep" hub G60 carrier and rotor were installed.
These components are NOT interchangeable back (updating is not possible to
older cars), but I suppose could be interchanged forward (the why question
comes to mind tho, and wheel fitment issues could be a problem).

To use a 5ktq (early) G60 setup on a 91 200> G60 car, the only part you can
use is the caliper and the pad.  Plus you would need the following parts:
Brake line, hard line and bracket at the caliper, deep hub carrier, and deep
hub rotor.


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
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At 3:36 PM -0400 5/14/02, Kneale Brownson wrote:
>What distinguishes the 10vt G60's from the S4 G60's used in dealer
>conversions from UFO's?  My 200q20v was brake-eunuched with G60's before it
>fell into my hands.

AFAIK, the only significant difference is in the depth of the hub,
therefor the rotor hat depth you'll need. The S4 hub is slightly
deeper than 10V. Only way I know to tell is remove wheel and measure
hub (housing) depth. It's my understanding that most (all?) UFO-G60
conversions done at dealers under warranty were with S4 struts. There
could be exceptions I suppose. Sorry I can't recall the numbers (mm)


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