G60 Brake Interchange

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In order to use the 5ktq setup on a 200 tq (I'm assuming UFO>G60
conversion?), you have to change the outer driveshaft as well (the hub
assemblies aren't the same), and the control arm would also need to be
changed to the early style (which also means you needed the 5ktq upright and
5ktq ABS sensor).  I really doubt this was done.  My bet (of course you are
getting what you pay for, "blind service" here), you have the late style, the
easiest way to ck is the strut on the 5k application uses a allen screw to
mount the ABS sensor from the bottom, the 200/S4 strut uses a press in ABS

Not sure why you'd want to change to the UFO's, but to go back you need the
UFO upright (I'm sure you can get those cheap).  WRT brake "upgrades" the
only difference in application between the S4 and 5ktq is the mounting depth
of the hat, and the location of the caliper in the bracket, btdt on both.

My only *warning* would be that using a 5ktq control arm on a 200tq upright
is a major no-no.  The ball joint diam on the 5ktq control arm is smaller
than the 200tq/v8/s4.  The scarey part is that everything willl bolt up, but
the play in the ball joint is too much.  I went thru this on Waterloo's
ex-200tq, a well known parts vendor sent the wrong C/A's.  Ouch, was most
pleased I was drinking hightest coffee at the time.....


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Thanks, Scott.  So what can I look at on my 200q20v that someone converted
to G60's prior to my ownership to determine what I could use to improve
brake performance?  It looks like the important part would be the
carrier???  Should I find a number on it that will confirm which type of
conversion was done (ie., did they install S4 G60's or 5Ktq G60's).  If I
have the S4 version, can I upgrade simply or am I looking at more
thousands?  What about reinstalling UFO's?

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