G60 Brake Interchange

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Wed May 15 17:28:42 EDT 2002

>There should be a number stamped on the rotor. The correct p/n for
>the S4/(and post-91 V8) type rotor is 441 615 301A. The older
>(shallow hub) version is 301**B**. If there's no number on your
>rotor, you need to make a measurement of hat depth. As I recall, the
>difference in hat depth is small (perhaps no more than 10mm?)

FWIW, there's about the same difference between a type 89 Coupe quattro and
90 quattro front G60 rotor. The coupe's total rotor height is 57mm while
the 90q's is only 51. And there's also been some change in PN's during the
'89 or '90 model year IIRC.

Just wanted to add my 0.02 Euro :-)


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