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In a message dated 5/14/2002 Brett Dikeman writes:

<< Yep, but it didn't top the Great Mobil One Flood of '00*.  Note to
readers: oil plug goes back in BEFORE you pour a quart of oil into
engine. >>

Glad to hear you got it back together Brett!

Your comment above reminds me of the great Kendell GT1 floods of the
late 1980s I suffered from several times in my (pre-children years) 1977
911S. It suffered from recurring oil cooler failures (nobody, including
the legendary 911 Tech Bruce Anderson, could figure out why). Each time
the cooler failed the car dumped a full 12 quarts in short order. One of
the times it did I was so p***ed off at the car I just drove it that way
to my mechanic's shop a mile or so away spewing like the Exxon Valdez. A
California Highway Patrolman followed me there the last half of the way
trying to pull me over to tell me I was spewing oil and smoke, but I
just went for it not wanting to waste any time getting the car there
before shutting it down. The CHP officer was actually quite kind and
understanding, and was on his way as soon as he realized what was up
(try that today and you'll likely be declared a superfund site). No harm
done to the engine (thankfully). I had a real love/hate relationship
with that car lemme tell ya, my last (of 3) "P-car." It has been Audis
ever since for me (not counting my wife's ovloVs).

Mike Veglia
Motor Sport Visions Photography

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