Brake Conversion

Charles Baer charlie at
Wed May 15 13:28:58 EDT 2002

System 6 isn't discontinued, 4 (the 323mm euro S8s that Linus referred
to) and 5 (the 345mm rotor) are.

There was a lot of noise about the missing 1mm of disc width per side
the caliper used being "terribly dangerous design".  Yeah, right.
Lack of demand also led to their demise.

Crescent City has usually had very good prices among the sellers
commonly referenced for the OEM parts.


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> After all the brake discussion... Does anyone know of a good
> source for the
> calipers?  I'm thinking monoblock, following the discussion
> on flex (my car
> will prolly never see those extremes, however).  From what I
> understand, the
> monoblocks used on the Boxster "S" have the same mounting
> dimensions as the
> Big Reds... anyone know if this is true.
> Finally, I didn't know what BIRA was all about, but finally
> found it on the
> web.  Is this a good way to do this less expensively and
> fast?  Anyone know
> why they discontinued the "system 6" described as using 345mm rotors?
> Any help/advice/input appreciated,
> Dave

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