Brake Conversion

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Crescent City Motors is probably the best place to buy calipers-

Talk to Earl or one of the other guys there, they are very helpful and
friendly- make sure you
tell them that you found them online and you're one of the crazy Audi
guys. :-) If you don't
tell them that you're out of town, they'll quote you the regular counter

I can't tell you whether the bolt pattern is the same, but I can measure
my 996 calipers for you
this weekend, if you like.

I caution you that if you're running 16" wheels that you should probably
get the 993tt calipers instead
of the 996 monoblocks, because it appears that there is less wheel
clearance with the monoblocks.

System 4 and 5 were discontinued, for lack of interest. System 6 is
definitely up and running-
Porsche 993tt rotor rings w/ custom hats and 996tt monoblock calipers.

BIRA is definitely a good way to go, although you may want to see
whether the quasi RS2 upgrade
using RS2 brackets will work better for you depending on wheel
clearances and such, as well as cost.
Is this for a '91 200q20v?

I'm a BIRA member, happily running on Sys2UFO.


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After all the brake discussion... Does anyone know of a good source for
the calipers?  I'm thinking monoblock, following the discussion on flex
(my car will prolly never see those extremes, however).  From what I
understand, the monoblocks used on the Boxster "S" have the same
mounting dimensions as the Big Reds... anyone know if this is true.

Finally, I didn't know what BIRA was all about, but finally found it on
the web.  Is this a good way to do this less expensively and fast?
Anyone know why they discontinued the "system 6" described as using
345mm rotors?
Any help/advice/input appreciated,


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