VAG-COM follow up

CL Wong montesawong at
Wed May 15 14:28:24 EDT 2002

Rob Winchell mentioned earlier this month that vag-com
only supports block 0 on our cars and here's a summary
of what you can check.

There are 10 values or channels which give current
readings for the following items with the engine

(from bentley pg:D440-1)
1-Momentary Engine Temp
2-Momentary Engine Load
3-Momentary Engine Speed
4-idle stabilizer operation range
5-idle stabilizer curve zero point
6-idle stabilizer load adaption
7-idle stabilizer characteristic curve control
8-O2 sensor control
9-O2 sensor adaption
10-momentary ignition angle

I have no idea what any of these are but watched the
numbers change while my engine idled.  Since I didn't
drive the car for 5 minutes without stopping I didn't
bother recording the values to see if they are within

Bentley lists possible problems when channel values
are out of spec. like: leak in crankcase breather, air
leak at air mass sensor, vacuum hose at rear of
manifold not connected etc.

Seems like good diagnositic information that you can't
get with the blinking tool.  Add resetting the airbag
light for cars with the recall work done and read and
reset fault codes on the ECU and you've got a 'nice to
have' tool for owners of newer audi/volkswagen cars.

just my 2 cents.

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