Brake Conversion

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Wed May 15 18:28:41 EDT 2002

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Thanks to Charlie, Taka, and Paul K for your responses.

Yes, my car is a 200 20vtq.  I run 17's on it, with no need to revert to
anything smaller, so I don't believe clearance will be an issue.  I would
like to run the best "reasonable" cost upgrade.  My issues:

1) It looks like monoblocks and "Big Reds" are fairly similar in cost these
days (around $280 ea.), and from Scotts commentaries, I'm wondering why I
would bother with the two piece design?
2) Is there a difference in mounting dimensions between monoblocks and Big
3) Is there a point in using an "aftermarket" adapter for the caliper if an
OEM version (RS2) is available?
4) Finally, does any of this affect the use of the 323x30's vs the 312x?
5) Should I just sign up for BIRA and all of these questions would be
answered and I wouldn't be bothering everyone?

PS: Just spent 2 hours out in the Colorado flatlands with a GTech Pro.
Interesting results.  If there is any interest, I could post them.

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