Oily Plugs (was ETKA)

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu May 16 20:54:11 EDT 2002

At 05:11 PM 05/16/2002 -0400, Brett Dikeman wrote:

>Mandatory 200q20v content...just got finished pulling all the spark plugs,
>cleaning the oil off the tops/threads of the plugs(grr), cleaning out the
>spark plug boots of oil(grr), applying contact cleaner to contacts, tuneup
>grease to the sides of the plugs so they don't stick like they always do
>to boots, and applying anti-seize.
>The car will of course undo all this quite rapidly(including loosening the
>plugs to the point where the wire boots vibrate, and blowing all the
>anti-seize to kingdom come.)

Is this a result of your boost modifications?  I've never seen this in my
"stock" 200q20v.

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