fusible link meltdown detection

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Fri May 17 01:33:41 EDT 2002

This topic just came up on the main list...I mentioned that it seems
we get a regular trickle of listers here who have the fusible link
crack from corrosion and then suffer a boilover, which isn't very
good for the car, of course.

I realized that a small relay could be installed parallel to the
fuse, and if the fuse blew/cracked, the relay would be tripped and
you could short something...like...say...the coolant expansion tank
level sensor, which just so happens to be mere inches away(how handy!)

If you were running with the climate control in an A/C-on mode, you'd
get an instant warning...otherwise, you'd get a warning when the
second the stage II fan tried to kick in.

I'd be happy to try and come up with something clever from Digikey
parts etc...does this sound like a plausible idea/worthwhile
endeavor, with sound logic etc?

   I'd estimate cost at well under $20, I would hope...we're talking
about a relay, a resistor, a small case to enclose both, some RTV to
protect it, etc...depending upon whether or not the connectors can be
obtained, it could even be a zero-wire-cut mod(but unless you went
junkyard-diving, it would probably inflate the cost a fair bit, so it
might be easiest to use splices or something.)

The absolute key is that you'd have to take a low-coolant warning
from the auto-check system seriously...

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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