Dead MAF?

Johnny Alpha johnnyalpha at
Fri May 17 14:42:20 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I think my MAF is dead and would appreciate any BTDT in confirming this is
so. These are the symptoms:

1)	The fault occurred suddenly, without warning or
2)	Good idle, very erratic off idle
	(fits failure description on
2)	Check engine lamp lit, ECU fault code 2324 (Air mass sensor)
3)	Inlet tract pressure tests ok
4)	Pulling the 'Motor' fuses clears the error, until throttle taken off idle
5)	Wiring continuity from MAF to ECU checked with meter as follows:
	1	24	(GND-From
	2	26	(GND)
	3	7	(MAF Sensor)
	4	25	(Burn off signal)
	5	37	(+12V)
6)	With engine running, MAF pin 5 has +13.7V, pin 3 has continuous 0V,
irrespective of RPM.

I don't have a manual to confirm that pin 3 should have a varying voltage on
it, but guess it should.

The car is a '91 3B S2 Coupé. I know the S2 MAF has a larger diameter, but
expect that it is connected and operates in the same manner as that on the

MAF: Audi 034 133 471 K, Bosch 0 280 213 007



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