so much for the replacement hose

CL Wong montesawong at
Sat May 18 08:04:34 EDT 2002

>So much for the "2800psi rating" the guy bragged
>about.  "Oh, that's
>way strong enough, we used some real tough stuff."


When I had my pump->rack hose rebuilt 3 times one week
2 or 3 years ago.....

first time: hose was too short by 3 inches

second time: hose burst within 2 seconds of starting
the engine.  Cause: ends were not aligned properly and
the hose got twisted inorder to mount them

third time: guy used aeroquip 4,000 or 6,000 psi hose
(I forget which) and it has held so far.  Hose ends
still did not line up and the hose now oozes a tiny
bit of fluid such that the hose is sticky to the

I can't rebuild my hose again, nor do I want to.

Everytime the hose is rebuilt the ends take a certain
amount of stress and it looks as though 3x is about
the max number of times you can rebuild.

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