so much for the replacement hose

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Sat May 18 09:41:58 EDT 2002


you wrote:
>> So much for the "2800psi rating" the guy bragged about

Sorry to hear about your troubles with the hose.  I had a leaking hose a few
years back and using the list's advice had it rebuilt by a local shop -
complete with the center section restrictor.  If I remember correctly, it
cost about $40 to have rebuilt.  The hose held up fine for a few years until
my Audi met its untimely demise (but that's another story).   The hose
lasted from Oct 97 until the car was wrecked in an accident in March 2000.

What does one do when they wreck an Audi 200?  Replace it with another one!


91 200tq

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