DIY hose assys, =was so much for the replacement hose

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at
Sat May 18 16:55:20 EDT 2002

CL, You're right, it's not cost effective to use crimp ends for DIY, but not
necessary either.  Use any brand of reuseable hose end fittings.  I used
Aeroquip, ref:their Industrial Connectors catalog JA316F <>

First, you want to use the old Audi hose ends but not their fittings nor
hose.  For this purpose Aeroquip has a "lifesaver" reuseable fitting which
has a counterbore for mating with tubing.  You cut off the Audi hose end at
the crimp and weld or silver solder it into the counter bore in the fitting
before assembling the fitting to the hose.  I used silver solder.

For the 200 pump to rack hose I used:

1 ea 190000-5-6S "lifesaver" reuseable fitting  (Audi used two)
1 ea 190000-6S "lifesaver" reuseable fitting    (different tubing dias)
1ea FC300-06RL hose, bought cut to 25" length (rated 2250 psi max op press)

Total cost: $23.30

This assembly will last forever, IMO.  But I did not incorporate Audi's
acoustical filter into this design, so it is a little noisy at high pump
pressures, i.e. parking, full wheel turn, slow motion stuff.  If doing it
again, I would attempt to incorperate the filter.

Recently someone posted that they had built such a hose assembly, and had
included a coupling in the center of the hose just like Audi did.  But this
coupling, with a specific ID, is only a part of the acoustic filter, so his
attempt at noise supression may not have been suscessful.


> From: CL Wong <montesawong at>
> Not sure I would want to (or could afford) the
> crimping equipment for these kind of lines for one or
> 2 rebuilds.
> Bernie, can you give a quick idea of what is involved
> with doing this kind of hose yourself?

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