Interior swap help needed (long)

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Sat May 18 21:48:02 EDT 2002

At 08:32 PM 05/17/2002 -0700, Scalmanini Steve wrote in response to Steve
Bednarski's inquiry:

>5. Finally, are there any tips for pulling the rear
>parcel shelf?
>Yes.  See my writeup a few years ago on installing a
>rear window shade from a V8.  I can't find my copy but
>someone on the list has one and reposted it ~ a year
>ago in response to someone's inquiry at that time.

Here's the rear window deck removal portion of Steve's write-up on
installing a V8 rear windowshade in the 200q20v:

First, remove the rear seat (easy), then the seat back (not so easy.) Use a
thick putty knife or such to slide out the 4 wire clips that hold the rear
headrests into the black plastic "headrest guides" (Bendley p. 91.24) in
the top of the seat back; you'll see two slots in the edge of the head of
each of the guides where the wire clips slide in and out. Then pull the
headrests up and out. Next pull out the 4 guides by inserting a round bar
(~9" #3 Phillips screwdriver worked for me) to the bottom of each sleeve (~
4") and pry the bottom slightly forward (or rearward; I forget which) while
pulling the head up, and each'll pop loose. Bend the two sheet metal bars
that fasten the lower part of the seat back (not-so-great a design) and
pull the bottom of the seat back clear of those bars. Now the seat back
will move up and out. Remove the plastic "rear seat belt covers" (Bentley
p. 68.39) on the edge of the shelf panel to free it from the belts. Next
carefully pull the wires off the rear window (well, ' guess you can skip
this part; sorry.) I use one set of long nose pliers to hold the male
connector onto the glass while pulling the female connector off with
another, or my fingers. Next pull the C-pillar trim panels straight out
from the pillars. There are 4-6 barbed plastic press-in fasteners on the
back of each. No need for extreme caution here as the panels are sturdy;
mine survived several removals and reattachments (unlike front door trim
panels, but that's another story for another day.) Just don't pull too far
or you'll tug hard on the wires that run through the panels (ground wire
for the defroster on the right; hot defroster wire and rear antenna
amplifier on the left.) You'll have to detach a few wires and rubber
grommets to get the panels completely free. Now the shelf panel can be
released and removed. Release it from the trunk. There are three white
nylon clips, visible from the trunk, that guide it into place and hold it
down. Push the center one up and forward slightly to keep the panel
released. Then from inside the car, pull the entire panel forward and out.

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