audi ownership defined (200q20v specifically)

Dan Simoes dans at
Sat May 18 21:51:14 EDT 2002

"How can a car be so brilliant at times and such a piece of *&$# at

Yes, I'll own up to that statement.

Today's repairs:
- diagnosed bad WGFV.  Unplugged, ran the same.  Ohmed out at ~370.
Original part suffix unknown, too oxidized to tell.
Obtained good used WGFV, suffix H part.  Spent 2 hours getting rusty
hose clamps off (cordless Dewalt hammer drill was invaluable in the
Discovered that the replacement part was oriented differently.  I made
sure the hoses went on the matching ends and ignored the mounting tab
and orientation of the electrical connector.  Boost now reaches 1.7bar
at times, but not consistently.  Should it?

- radio reception is crappy.  I dropped the panel at the rear of the
headliner (remove light, center screw, side screws, pry down panel).
Removed the antenna, cleaned up the contacts, etc.  No difference.
Reception improves when I touch the connector and/or hold the rubber
mast outside the car.  I assume the internal amp is shot?  I even
swapped whips between my Jetta and the Audi, no improvement.  12v
verified at the antenna, seems to work the same plugged in or not.

Stay tuned, may tackle the bomb tomorrow :)

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