Low Boost?

Chrisellenhem at aol.com Chrisellenhem at aol.com
Sun May 19 23:37:38 EDT 2002

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Hello All,

I have a few questions concerning max. boost level on my Avant which I'd like
to sort out prior to the ECU upgrade we in the group are doing.  I realize
this subject has been discussed to death but I have checked codes (several
times..) & run the ECU output tests positively and still only see 1.6 Bar -
in some rare/ideal instances, 1.7; which may be fine but my question really
centers on how the car behaves - or should behave - when this level is
reached.  As max boost is achieved, I get a rather violent 'bucking' as if
there is a fuel cutout - or is this sensation due to boost pressure being
dumped; I don't know & that's my question.  Is this typical (1st & only turbo
owned..)?  This condition is at it's worst when I rapidly put the throttle to
the floor - typically not reaching beyond 1.5B; if I depress the pedal slower
to the floor I get the slightly higher boost but eventually still the
cutout/pulsation.  I have not replaced ANY components thus far but have
ensured all hose clamps are tight, electrical connections good, etc.  As
always - thanks in advance for any insight.

Chris Hemberger
Hebron, CT
91 200q-20v

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