What the heck??? Chiptuning or what?

Mihnea c_mihnea at yahoo.com
Mon May 20 11:09:43 EDT 2002

Fellow listers,

I've recently bought a set of modified chips from
Germany that work pretty well (overboost to 1.4 Bar
with the stock WG spring, then 0.8 Bar gauge pressure
till redline) and a friend of mine tried them in his
S2 90q20v's ECU for 3 weeks with no problems
whatsoever... Then yesterday a french friend with a
'90 200q20v wanted to try them maybe in order to buy
Problem is that his ECU had a weird P/N ending with
404 B and refused to do anything else but limp home
mode with those chips (1.3 Bar indicated by the Dash
display, whereas with his stock chips it would
indicate 1.7-1.8 Bar)... We've tried the chips in my
200q20v ECU (PN ending with 404 A) to no avail and
even with my ECU and the stock chips, his engine
refused to make more than 0.3 Bar gauge boost...
After trying the modded chips in my 20v ECU, we've
pulled the codes and got 1111 (bad ECU?? Why the
hell?), Hall sensor and RPM sensor code... we didn't
pull the codes with his ECU (we should have, I know
that).. So aren't 2 200q20v ECUs interchangeable? I
thought so... Could it be that my ECU and my chips are
more sensitive to Distributor misalignment or
something like that? What PNs do the American 200q20v
ECUs have BTW?

Anyway, thanks for your help in advance as always,


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