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I doubt that many people see above 1.7 on the POS dash readout.  (I'm sure
some do, I don't need to hear about it)

1st of all the dash gauge is sampled once per second.  If the boost were to
get that high in a low gear it would be for a very short time and probably
would not be seen by the gauge.
2nd the gauge probably isn't very accurate anyway.  Who knows what its
designed accuracy is.

If you were only getting 1.4, then I would say that there is a problem (1.4
is what you get from the spring alone).

Before I spent any money on replacing any sensors, I would get a real analog
boost gauge and check the pressure.

My car is chipped so my gauge isn't incorrect anyway, but my analog gauge
can vary quite a bit without any change from the dash readout.

Mike Sylvester

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> I posted earlier about low boost.  I can see 1.6-1.7 bar on an almost
> regular basis, but usually only in 3rd gear.
> Hooked up vag-com at lunchtime.  As my mechanic buddy suspected, there
> were codes:
> 3 DTC's Found:
> 01262 - Wastegate Bypass Regulator Valve (N75)
>         31-10 - Open or Short to Ground - Intermittent
> 00516 - Closed Throttle Position Switch (F60)
>         30-10 - Open or Short to B+ - Intermittent
> 00513 - Engine Speed Sensor (G28)
>         27-10 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent
> Duh.  I unplugged the WGFV during testing last week, so of course it
> threw a code.  I just thought it would clear itself.
> I assume the other two codes are related to the WGFV being unplugged?
> They were not there before, unless they truly are intermittent.
> Didn't drive it after clearing the codes, will see how it does on the
> way home tonight.
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