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At 7:57 PM -0400 5/20/02, Vincenzo Basile wrote:
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>Hi all,
>For some reason I cannot pull codes on my car.

What method did you try for initiating the blink codes? If you're
looking for blinks from the instrumant panel, you should know that
many (most?) '91 200q do not have that light bulb installed. You must
either install the check-engine bulb--or use the LED method
(described in Scott Mockry's site.)

>Does any body know if I could bring it to a dealer and maybe hook up
>a vag 1551 if that will read out the codes?

That's what the vag 1551 is for. All you have to do is pay them
$120/hr. Independent shops--the ones worth going to--should also have
the vag 1551.

>Or is their a software I could buy that isn't too expensive that
>could also read them.

Define "too expensive".

I'd advise first making sure you are using the right procedure with
an LED (or consider installing the check engine light bulb).

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