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Brett:  I read Mockry's page, one of the ~three best sites I can find:
"The 20V Turbo engines as found in the 1991 200TQ and in the later 1992-95
S4/S6 should have installed the Original Equipment F5DPOR BOSCH PLATIN
Electrode Spark Plugs. There are other Bosch 3 electrode copper core plugs
that are spec'd to work in the 20V Turbo applications, but for best
performance under high boost, use the F5DPOR plugs. Be aware, that they are
expensive, about $15 each wholesale."

Okay so the cost was wrong, but the way I read this the part number you
reffer to is 3 electrodes.......and I wasn't aware of two web postings of
boost trouble...........

What's Ack? ' Was just in with my $0.02 - Here's the three "bucking" problems
I had:   1. 4000Q after car wash, outside of Watkins Glenn, plug wires arcing
to hood.
2.  4000Q plug wires arcing to pools of oil in plug recesses in the block.
3. 200 10v plug wires arcing due to old age.  New wires cured "bucking" at
high boost (1.3-4 for me 1.7-8 for you) or when climbing hills in 5th,
placing load on engine in top gear, etc........... Moisture from winter time
slush and highway.  "Bucking" worsened over time where going into spooling up
at 1.0 Bar would cause "bucking".
Sometimes its the simple things.  Other times its not.  If I'm wrong about
the three electrodes please show me where to get the correct info.............
-Scott in BOSTON. I highlighted the two differences.
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> >I think this has been diagnosed as a split hose
> That's probably the most likely case for Chris, but there certainly
> are other possible causes.  It's most likely not Dan's problem.
> >, but regardless of the age of the components my $0.02:
> >1: Correct Plug(s) $5 each three electrodes and the wires?
> Ack!
> F5DPOR plugs only; solid platinum core, single electrode.  About $10
> apiece, but they seem to last forever...however, I do periodic
> maintenance about every oil change, checking/cleaning things up.
> Brett

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