MORE: Boost Bucking 1.6 Bar

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Tue May 21 11:07:27 EDT 2002

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 This plug is a single electrode. I think the way Scott Mockery wrote his
discription he was trying to say dont use the three electrodes in spite of
the supposed compatability.

 I recently went 12 rounds with a partially RS2'd 200q20v having major boost
problems. After changing the defective temp sensor, replacing the
dizzy/cap/button, (it still had the plactic gear dizzy and the wrong button)
and correcting a small vac leak I thought I had it debugged. It then decided
to intermittantly "go flat" as it came up high on the boost, not a bucking so
much as a flutter. Since it reminded me of something I once experienced in a
NOS equipped Ford I used to race I closely inspected the plug
wires.......only to have them come apart in my hands! One new set of wires
later and no more flutter.


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