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Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Tue May 21 12:42:21 EDT 2002

At 10:41 AM -0400 5/21/02, Dan Simoes wrote:
>Disconnecting this resulted in a slower car, although boost levels were
>pretty much unchanged, somehow.

MFTS disconnection caused a "slower car"? Hard to imagine a
cause-and-effect there. Disconnecting the MFTS can  improve boost (if
the device was defective); otherwise disconnection should have
absolutely no effect on engine performance.  Perhaps the intermittant
nature of your problem has confused the issue.

Have you checked out the WOT switch adjustment? Also I assume you've
double-checked all hoses and hose clamps, since the "bucking" symptom
you mentioned is possibly from fuel cut-off caused by a hose "burp".
That could be consistent with your observation of improved response
by "feathering" throttle as opposed to mashing it.


>The hot/cold performance behavior is still there.  I may tackle
>cap/rotor and airfilter next.
>Phil Rose wrote:
>>  >OK, what's the best way to test the MFTS?
>>  The easiest way--simply pull off the MFTS connector (I use a pair of
>>  screwdrivers to aid in releasing both of those miserable side
>>  tabs--they're hard to reach). Then drive the car. If boost is now
>>  back to full strength, you should simply replace the MFTS.


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