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>  This plug is a single electrode. I think the way Scott Mockery wrote his
>discription he was trying to say dont use the three electrodes in spite of
>the supposed compatability.

Yes, I agree with Keith that Scott M. was _trying_ to warn against
using any 3-electrode plug at all, but his sentence structure
actually created an incorrect impression that F5DPOR is a 3-electrode
plug. Scott's sentence _should_ have been as follows:

{There are other plugs (e.g., Bosch 3-electrode copper core) that are
spec'd to work in the 20V Turbo applications, ...}

As most "old-timers" (heh, heh--like Brett) are aware, a very common
cause of performance deficit in the 3B cars is the use of the wrong
plugs--usually a Bosch 3-electrode type. Time after time I recall
various listers exclaiming how amazed they were at the performance
improvement caused by changing from a 3-electrode to the F5DPOR. I
can't give any personal testimony about actual performance
differences (I've only used the F5PDOR). The F5DPORs seem to last
soooooo long that any attempt to "save" $20 or $30 by using different
plugs is near the top of my "penny-wise/pound-foolish" list.


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