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Dan et al.:
For the boost hoses, you need to actually remove them and inspect them
off the car, it is very difficult to see any cracks/tears while


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Phil Rose wrote:

> MFTS disconnection caused a "slower car"? Hard to imagine a
> cause-and-effect there.

Seemed to me to be slower, but again, since my power is up/down, it
could have been coincidence.

> Have you checked out the WOT switch adjustment?

No. I know my mechanic checked to make sure it was clicking and it
seemed fine.

> Also I assume you've
> double-checked all hoses and hose clamps, since the "bucking" symptom
> you mentioned is possibly from fuel cut-off caused by a hose "burp".

That's an interesting theory.  How do you check hoses and clamps, other
than visually?

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