Boost Bucking 1.6 Bar

Chrisellenhem at Chrisellenhem at
Tue May 21 13:25:51 EDT 2002

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>I think this has been diagnosed as a split hose

That's probably the most likely case for Chris, but there certainly
are other possible causes.  It's most likely not Dan's problem.

** Have not inspected MM hose for splits/cracks yet.  I did verify NO
existing codes before & after several 3rd & 4th gear, 2k-3k RPM,
full-throttle accelerations, pulled WGFV connector to limit boost to 1.4b
with NO bucking/flutter to that level.  Have not done any electrical test(s)
on the WGFV.  The description for Code 4442 - which I did not have - for an
open/failed WGFV indicates a severe misfire as symptom/condition, hence the
test.  Ignition wires, as suggested, appear to be fine visually but certainly
not the definitive test - if there IS one; doubtful that is the cause but as
there are no other conditions which cause the misfire (no moisture-related
drivability issues, etc.).  I will inspect the hose, test the WGFV, and
then??....  Hate to just start blindly replacing components/hardware tho they
are most likely OEM/aged.

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