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Thanks to Brett, Keith (Anderson?), Phil Rose, Mike Sylvester and  those who
replied to the "bucking problem".  I learned something today!  20V Plug = 1
electrode!  Either way,  I hope the replies help the listers figure out the
"bucking" problem and report to us whatever the answer was.  No bruised ego
as I've seen most listers at various track events.  One other plug related
(also written up by another listers experience somewhere on a Audi site)
about the use of "correct plugs" in a Turbo charged Audi (this case Ur-Q).  I
watched  several track participants try circa 1997/8 to solve a "hesitation"
at high boost on the track.  It turned out that the new inferior plugs
couldn't put up with the high boost.
Could Scott Mockry add a line to the abc's of high boost on the 20V page
> F5DPOR BOSCH = one electrode.
-Scott in BOSTON

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> ..only to have them come apart in my hands! One new set of wires
> later and no more flutter.

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