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> Here is the leak tester I made several yrs ago - works great - about $7 to
> build as I recall. Pressurize to 20 psi max. I've posted this serveral
> times. I'd loan it out but shipping would likely cost more than the tester.
> http://www.blackfoot.net/~hlm5860/Tester.html
> mike

That's pretty much exactly what I made, only mine was internal... I used a
plumbing plug for waste/drain application.  Costs next to nothing.  I used a
quick disconnect fitting instead of a shrader valve, that way I could
maintain a constant (regulated) pressure.  Also, if you clamp off the
crankcase breather hose, you won't pressurize the whole inside of the engine
(which tends to create noise from the oil cap and try and blow out the

Like Mike said, it works great.

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