max psi for 20vt?

Ken auditude at
Tue May 21 16:51:35 EDT 2002

Hello 20vt-er's,

[I tried sending this before, but I guess I wasn't subbed with this address.]

What is the max boost people are running on their 20vt's?  Including those nuts in Sweden. :-)

I'm buying a boost gauge, and have to choose between a 20psi or a 30psi range.  While I don't imagine I'll ever be running 30psi, but possibly more than 20psi.  This would be for a 20vt with a big turbo and all the fixin's, potentially.

Eventually, I plan to use programmable fuel injection with speed density type fueling, so I don't have to worry about MAF's or on-board 3B pressure transducers.

For purposes of the question, imagine a SQ EM, K26/T-04E, RS2 cam, big injectors and FPR, and a nice single pass IC.  Say 9.0-9.3:1 compression ratio, unless a lower c/r makes sense.  (does it?)

As for the question, "Why not just get the 30psi one if you're not sure?"
It has a less desirable (to me) appearance (Autometer) than the 20psi one, so I don't want to get it if I won't use the extra range.

I want to decide so I can add to an order from, and they charge for shipping on a "per order" basis.



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