PLEASE HELP! (speedometer related)

Mike dynomike at
Tue May 21 18:21:55 EDT 2002

I replaced the ignigtion switch in my 1990 200 tq and to do so I had to take
out the gauge cluster and the peice below the steering column where some relays
and fuses are.

After I put everything back as I thought it was, the speedometer, odometer,
tripometer, average mpg and average mph are not working.

There is a red and purple plug with two wires, one white and green, the other
white and brown, that is hanging down below the steering column. it has a tag
on it that has printed on it:
443 971 581 F
AU 1 j002 1 13
Does anyone know what this plug is? Is it some sort of diagnostic thing or does
it actually go somewhere? I can't remember if it was there before I started
taking stuff apart or not.

I took off the gauge cluster today and unplugged/replugged the plugs to it,
but it still didnt work. Which is the plug specific to the speedometer?

Are there any relays that control any of the above mentioned things that are

Sorry for the length, but I need to get this stuff working. Thanks in advance.
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