HID Option to Eurolights

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed May 22 11:24:15 EDT 2002

At 9:58 AM -0400 5/22/02, Tom Daily wrote:
>I installed Sylvania Xenarc HID lights on my car &
>they work very well. They are installed as driving
>lights, but called "auxillary low-beams"  (X1010)
>Give the same white/blue light as factory Xenons,
>but not as much--I guess about 70% of what
>I got from the factory Xenons on my '99 A6.
>  Can be seen at:

Your subject says "option to Eurolights". Did you mean to say
"alternative" to Eurolights?

Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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