Heater Core Replacement Tips

George Sidman sidman at montereynet.net
Wed May 22 11:58:16 EDT 2002

Last week I replaced the heater core in my '91 200 TQW. Tom Forhan was
kind enough to forward a detailed description of the process. From all
the messages and help from listers, the bugaboo is obviously getting
the box loose from its seal. I researched Bentley and found a picture,
with no description, of an Audi extraction tool - a jack screw on a
beam across the shock towers - obviously not something any of us would
have access to. Taking a clue from the picture I wrapped coat hangers
around each end of the box, and over a four foot 2x4 positioned across
the shock towers, and lifted up one end. The box was out 2 minutes
later. Contrary to Bentley, you do not need to remove the center
console; just take off the console side panels, drop the two foot well
heat ducts, and disconnect the little plastic vacuum manifold.

The rest was easy. You pop off all the box center clips, remove the
three screws, and note the flap positions. The trick there is to place
pieces of masking tape on the upper part of the box, and draw the flap
locations on the tape, along with a picture of the lever arm setup.
Re-assembly can be done with your fingers inserted in the box as it
comes together. You must seal the installation end of the new heater
core with silicon sealant, and let it cure over night.
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