Heater Core Replacement Tips

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Wed May 22 13:00:55 EDT 2002

George, I've been into these far enough to remove the blower motors and
replace the brushes.  A bitch of a job, just for brushes.  Hope that maybe
you did likewise while in there.


> From: George Sidman <sidman at montereynet.net>
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> Subject: Re: Heater Core Replacement Tips
> Last week I replaced the heater core in my '91 200 TQW. Tom Forhan was
> kind enough to forward a detailed description of the process. From all
> the messages and help from listers, the bugaboo is obviously getting
> the box loose from its seal. I researched Bentley and found a picture,
> with no description, of an Audi extraction tool - a jack screw on a
> beam across the shock towers - obviously not something any of us would
> have access to. Taking a clue from the picture I wrapped coat hangers
> around each end of the box, and over a four foot 2x4 positioned across
> the shock towers, and lifted up one end. The box was out 2 minutes
> later. Contrary to Bentley, you do not need to remove the center
> console; just take off the console side panels, drop the two foot well
> heat ducts, and disconnect the little plastic vacuum manifold.
> The rest was easy. You pop off all the box center clips, remove the
> three screws, and note the flap positions. The trick there is to place
> pieces of masking tape on the upper part of the box, and draw the flap
> locations on the tape, along with a picture of the lever arm setup.
> Re-assembly can be done with your fingers inserted in the box as it
> comes together. You must seal the installation end of the new heater
> core with silicon sealant, and let it cure over night.
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