Add PreLoad to the Wastegate

Thu May 23 00:43:00 EDT 2002

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>I'm going to add preload to the wastegate.

Why not Brett?  He's not changing the spring, just the preload.  Many times
this helps with low end and transitional boost, since the bottom feeder WGFV
is a POS.  If you have a chip/s in the car, working the preload can give
really good results wrt overall smoothness.  Springs with high miles on them
tend to weaken over time.  BTDT

>  How do you do this?
>>You don't.

A variety of ways, shims is the easiest.  You can pull the top cap off the WG
and put a threaded bolt that is machined to take the stock spring landing.
Last time I did this, I took the proper bolt to the machinist, and he added
the extra threads (you can't find a bolt with full threads) and machined the
end to take the stock perch.  Use a lock nut on the top of the WG

>  I took it apart today and I'm trying to shim it out.
>>Completely, totally unnecessary...and dangerous to the health of the

See Corky Bell and WG cracking Brett.  This is why you shim/adj

>  I read that you can drill threw to the cap of
>the wastegate, and turn the allen screw. Have anyone
>done this?

>>The wastegate is ONLY supposed to be adjusted according to the
>>procedure listed in the factory repair manual.

All race competitors are supposed to build their cars strictly to the rules
of class.

Ahem....  It depends on the car.  For the 200q20v you want to keep your turns
at a minimum.  I usually put a nick in the thread where the stock setting is.
 I also put a nick in the thread where the spring limit is.  IOW, if you go
too tight, you can actually prevent the WG from opening fully.  That's a
no-no.  Rule of thumb:  1 turn is a lot.


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
WG preloaded

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