Add PreLoad to the Wastegate

Mihnea Cotet mik at
Thu May 23 20:58:00 EDT 2002

At 10:43 23/05/2002 -0700, Justin Olson wrote:
>I adjusted it last night. It really helped the
>transiant response and lag. I don't see how one turn
>is a lot. If you shim a wastegate you're go to add a
>lot more then what one turn will give you. I'm going
>to turn it in as far as it goes, unplug the WGFV and
>see what boost it runs.

IMHO and AFAIK, if you unplug the WGFV you'll only be able to get the
"spring" pressure, which on a stock spring at the stock tension means 0.3
Bar on the dash display... with a stiffer spring you'll get more but not
more than the stock pressure (1.7-1.8) IMHO...



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