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John Cummings jrc100 at earthlink.net
Thu May 23 22:02:40 EDT 2002

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    Tom, my wife has a 99 A6 and I hate those HID lights! The dealer said
you'll get used to them, but after 100000 miles we haven't changed our
opinion. I'll take the euro lights and piaa fog/driving lights on my 20v 200
any day. The HID are bright but the cutoff is so sharp that driving on back
roads with hills and corners is terrible.  Come around a corner, deer in view,
hit a bump or a curve and where'd he go? Great for thruway driving though.
    Have you ever driven ahead of the A6 at night? The first time I had the
pleasure, I pulled over because I was sure my wife was flashing her high beams
at me because they seem to bounce all over. In  Wilmington North Carolina we
were stopped by the police because they thought we had illegal blue lights
(only allowed on cop cars) and they also thought we had one of those wacky
hydraulic systems that bounce the cars!

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