Eurolights question...

Craig Spaeth spaeth at
Fri May 24 00:10:03 EDT 2002

Hey Guys,

This is not a great day for us. We have a 91 200 TQ in Alpine White with
tan interior. Anyway we have found out that the car was hit hard on the
drivers side so I decided to take it over to the frame shop and get the
frame checked for structural integrity. I get a call from the body shop
and they say that a lady backed into our car while it was in the
bodyshop parking lot. The only two good things about today is that it
looks like she has good insurance and she took out the drivers side
headlamp and bracket. Where is the best place to buy a set of Euro
lights? and what should I expect to spend? Can you please reply via
P-mail as I am not subscribed (too many lists already).

thanks in advance,

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