euro lights/ecodes

Fri May 24 12:05:39 EDT 2002

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Easily worth more Dan.  As one that regularly strings wiring and relays, even
if it's just a basic system, it's probably worth the 150.  It's not the parts
it's the labor.  On my own machines, I spent 20 some hours on my 5ktqw to
wire the lights (overkill granted = 10guage wire from battery to glove box, 4
relays, 10guage wire from relays to lights), but I've never touched them
since installing it 4+ years ago.  I just "redid" the massive relay kluge on
my 83 urq, and that took a solid 8-9hours.

If your time is worth nothing or you really know your 12v systems and their
failures, knock yourself out.  If you have *any* doubt, 150 is really cheap.

My .02
Scott Justusson
'87 t44tqw  4x relays to euros 10guage (inner high beam separated from outer)
'83 urq 2 relays to euros 12guage (just H4's installed)

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dans at writes:

> Also, what is everyone doing for harnesses?  I know of the Blau product,
> but I recall Brett wasn't happy with it (am I surprised?) but I also
> don't see a few wires and connectors being worth $150.

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