euro lights/ecodes

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Fri May 24 16:06:31 EDT 2002

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I've made my own for two different 200's.  The first one I did with 2 relays,
the second with 4 (overkill).  Buying a prefabbed harness vs making your own
is prolly just a personal preference/confidence in wiring abilities issue.
You can buy Bosch 40 amp relays for $8 or less each, and the headlamp
connectors/grommets for $15 or less.  I don't think I used 20ft of wire for
the whole thing, and less than 2 dozen crimp-on connectors.

I thought the actual wiring was very easy, but there is no doubt you'll spend
more time making your own as opposed to installing a drop in part.
Just my thoughts,

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